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Term 1 2021
27 January – 9 April

Term 2 2021
27 April – 2 July

Term 3 2021
19 July – 24 September

Term 4 2021
11 October – 10 December

2022 School Starts
31 January 2022

Dance Curriculum whole school performance

On Wednesday 5 May 2021 Port Noalunga Primary students were involved in a whole school incursion by Dance Curriculum. During allocated morning lessons, students learned a dance routine together in groups with their year levels. Those...

A sporting chance at Porties

A sporting chance at Porties

So, what are all the opportunities to play sport at Port Noarlunga Primary School? Here is a rundown as to what is available and the structures in place for school based sports. The Department for Education supports sport through policy development, curriculum...

Principal’s Update – Term 2, Week 1, 2021

Principal’s Update – Term 2, Week 1, 2021

Welcome to Term 2 Dear all, Yesterday I spent some time in the yard at lunch time and walked away with pride and contentment after seeing the way the students were interacting with each other and the staff. There were students of all ages playing chasey across the...