Port Noarlunga Primary School

Day 5

Home Learning

Week 2: Tuesday, 8th February

Today’s topic is: Teamwork!

Please watch the introduction video:


Complete as many of the tasks below as you can:

  • How old will you be in 10 years?
  • Do you have any pets? What is their age in animal years?
  • How old are you in months? Create a timeline of friends and family birth years
  • If you were born 5 years earlier what year would this have been? How many seconds have you been alive?
  • Add everyone’s age in your household
  • Research question: Who is the oldest person alive?
  • Challenge: Multiply everyone’s ages in your household

HASS Activity

Draw your family tree.

In this activity we will be thinking about our family. We can compare what activities children like to do these days, and what our parents and grandparents liked to do when they were younger. We can see how things may be the same! If we compare activities for older or younger siblings we can also see how activities we like to do change as we get older.

You may print out this tree template or draw a tree for yourself (drawing your own means you can add extra spaces as you need them).

Draw yourself at the bottom of the tree doing something you like.
The next level up are your parents. You can try to draw them doing an activity they like to do in the space.
The level above them is your grandparents (your parents parents). See if you can find out something they like to do and draw it in the space.

You may be able to create extra spaces for your great-grandparents above that! You will probably need some help from home to find information about them!

You could then try doing some of the activities with your parents / carers that they liked to do when they were younger.

Hope you enjoy it! See you when you get back to school!
Mr Letcher


My learning environment

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!! How can we all work together as a community?

Think of what you would like your classmates, teacher, classroom and school to be like. Complete each sentence by filling in the blank:

What are some rules and expectations you would like to suggest to make our classroom a safe community? Please write a list and bring to school so that we can collect everyone’s suggestions.

Listen to reading

Story time with Mrs Smale ‘One Funky Monkey’


‘Kids Art Hub’ Learn to draw a Panda:

Brain Breaks

Throughout the day, take the time to take a ‘brain break’.

‘Dance Curriculum’

Cosmic Kids Yoga’