Port Noarlunga Primary School

Policies and Guidelines

Behaviour Management Policy

Our school has a policy to provide a safe environment in the yard and classroom. Students are taught the school rules and consequences for inappropriate behavior. Serious offences can be disciplined by suspension and/or exclusion from school.

Our Behaviour Management Policy is based on our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Independence, Caring and Honesty.

Sunsmart practices at Port Noarlunga Primary School.

The Uniform Policy states that all students must wear a broad brim hat outside during Term 1, 3 & 4. Students do not have to wear their hats during the cooler months of Term 2 in line with the latest research and recommendations from the Australian Cancer Council.

The hot weather policy offers alternative indoor areas for recess and lunch breaks. Large shade structures cover the playground equipment and sandpits.

Students are encouraged to wear sunscreen. Students must supply and apply their own sunscreen. Students must wear sun-safe clothing at any time school uniform is not worn (eg casual days, to and from swimming/aquatics including Beach Carnival).

Inclement Weather and Sun Protection Policy

Policy Downloads

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Hot Weather Policies


The day before an excursion the class teacher will advise parents of any alternative arrangements made if the projected weather forecast for the day of the excursion is forcast on the Bureau of Meterology website to be 36 degrees or higher (eg. travel by car to and from swimming/aquatics, cancellation of an excursion). Excursions in air conditioned transport to air conditioned venues need not be affected by these guidelines. Alternative arrangements may need to be made to modify the programme at a camp.


Aquatics/Swimming is deemed by the Department of Education and Child Development to be a suitable hot weather activity. Aquatics/Swimming will only be cancelled if the circumstances are deemed unsafe by the centre Director.

Out of School Hours Sport

Saturday morning sport will be cancelled if the predicted forecast is for 36 degrees or higher for Noarlunga on the Bureau of Meterology website on the evening prior to the sporting event. After school sport or activities will be cancelled the day before if the temperature in ADELAIDE is forecast to be 36 degrees or higher in the projected weather forecast is for 36 degrees or higher for Noarlunga on the Bureau of Meterology website two nights before the activity is to be held.


Any complaints can be lodged with school admin via email dl.0362.admin@schools.sa.edu.au or phone (8382 2455); or via the Department for Education Complaints website.