Port Noarlunga Primary School


If you’re thinking of becoming a volunteer, whether to help out in the classrooms, on excursions or around the school, please contact the front office on 83822455. As a result of new regulations, if you are intending to be in our school as a volunteer working in an area other than your child’s classroom, we will need you to complete a Criminal History Clearance application. Parents, custodial grandparents and other people with custody of students do not need clearances to work with their own children. Other relatives, friends etc must still have a clearance. Clearances are still needed for sleepovers and excursions.

Please bring the completed form, with your original proof of identity documents to the front office so that they can be sighted and verified. This proof of identity also includes your marriage certificate if that is applicable to you because you changed your name due to marriage.

Download the Application Form pdf by clicking here 523kb
Download the Application Form word document by clicking here 282kb

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information Sharing
We share information with our school community in a number of ways. Our website is updated regularly, newsletters are distributed fortnightly along with notices and we also have our Skoolbag App, Class DoJo and Facebook page. Information on accessing the app can be found here.

The Fundraising Committee are looking for mew members. Please contact the school on 83822455 if you are interested in helping out. Watch this space for more information. .

Annual report
Click here to download the latest annual report.

Context statement
Click here to download the latest context statement.

School improvement plan
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External school review
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Student Safety
Student safety is important to us. For this reason we have implemented some ‘out of bounds’ areas before school. Click here to see the flyer with a map of these areas.

Parent Parking
Parents are reminded to be aware of council parking restrictions. A map outlining approved parking areas can be found here. Please DO NOT park in the staff car park.