Port Noarlunga Primary School


Our canteen follows the Healthy Eating Guidelines and provides lunches for students, staff and the Aquatic Centre. It is open for counter sales during recess and lunch.

Hot Cross Buns SPECIAL RECESS Order on QKR! before Monday, 25th March

Upcoming Specials

Wed 27th March Hot Cross Buns Recess

Lunch Orders

Qkr! app All lunch orders can be made online via the Qkr app. Please remember orders must be received before 930am.

Paper Bag Placed in the lunch order basket in the classroom, please ensure bags are clearly marked. Money should be placed inside a plastic zip-lock bag, for sanitation reasons.


The daily operation of the canteen is in the hands of the Manager, Mrs Deonne Milton. The success of the canteen depends on volunteer support of parents who are willing to help. Please see the Canteen Manager if you would like to help the school in this way.

You can contact the Canteen directly on 8384 5046.

REMINDER: The Canteen cannot heat food brought in from home or provide hot water for noodles, rice, etc. due to safety concerns.