Port Noarlunga Primary School

About Our School

Port Noarlunga Primary School is located in the historic township of Port Noarlunga. The school opened in 1916 and moved to its present site in 1924.

It is situated well away from busy main streets, giving it a pleasantly tranquil atmosphere. Its many leafy old trees provide plentiful shade and character, adding to the quiet serenity of this historical site.

Port Noarlunga is an older (historic) district with a mix of residential and commercial zones. The school is within walking
distance of beaches and community facilities.

Port Noarlunga Primary School celebrated its 100th birthday in 2016.

In 2021 we have 17 classes with students from Reception to Year 7. 2021 is the last year Year 7 is offered at primary schools across South Australia.


Port Noarlunga is noted for its community atmosphere which enables us to care for and support all children in their endeavours to reach their full potential. The school community is very involved with and supportive of the school’s educational program.

The Governing Council has a strong parent representation and is actively involved in all school matters and decision making.

The school has strong links to the beach and Aquatics. Our main sports event—Beach Carnival —is held anually at nearby Port Noarlunga Beach.

A statewide Aquatic Centre is also administered from this site, with lessons held at the nearby Port Noarlunga beach.

Frieda Corpe Kindergarten is the main feeder kindergarten with some children enrolling from other kingergartens. Christies Beach High School and Seaford Secondary College are local secondary schools.

Our school logo shows the local memorial cairn which was erected in 1933 and paid for by the residents of Port Noarlunga at that time. The cairn is made from stones collected from Moana Beach and is a memorial to Captain Collet Barker who landed in 1831 at the Port Noarlunga site. The cairn is located at the Esplanade, Witton Bluff at Port Noarlunga.