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Poetry in Ms Parkes’ class

Oct 28, 2022 | class story

In room 10.2 we have started Term 4 2022 with poetry. Students have tried their hand with numerous types of verse and are creating strategies to help them create unique and interesting poems.

Students have worked in pairs and individually to explore various types of poems and create their own. Poetry helps children build their literacy skills, develop their memory, as well as encouraging them to play with language and words. It provides an opportunity for children to express themselves, share their thoughts, feelings, ideas and even their humour!

Kenning Poems

A poem made up of several stanzas of two describing words. A kenning poem is a special type of poem that describes an object or a creature without ever using its name. Kennings are also a figure of speech. They act like a riddle or a metaphor, with the words taking on a new meaning. It’s up to the reader to determine what the author is trying to say.


This poetic device is combining two words to make another word, such as Brunch (breakfast and lunch). Students enjoyed creating code names for their friendships, their favourite animals and imagining what two animals would look like if they were merged together. We even turned a combination of three animals or objects into works of art.

Meet the Socobracil, the soccer ball-cobra-pencil.

Acrostic Poems

In an acrostic poem, the first letters of each line spell out the subject of the poem. Here are some examples students have created.


Often spoken by mistake, these first sound swapping poetic devices are especially funny when they create entirely new words. Can you guess what these words were originally?

  • Hom Tolland
  • Boah Narwick
  • Flagon Dry
  • Nortfite
  • Dirth Bay
  • Boccer Sall
  • Cadelaide Arows
  • Boose Gumps
  • Wome Hork
  • Gideo Vame
  • Bootfall
  • Nort Poarlunga
  • Mider Span

Rhythm and Rhyme

Sometimes it’s really tricky to get the right number of syllables and create a rhythm. Tyler and Phoenix came up with a wonderful poem about a duck we might not want to meet if we see it walking towards us.

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