Port Noarlunga Primary School

Heading to Hopgood for Home

Sep 5, 2022 | class story, excursion

A CLASS STORY by Jade Clarke

On Wednesday 23rd August, students from our Reception classes and our Reception/Year 1 class boarded a bus with the Hopgood Theatre in our sights. We were on our way to experience the truly imaginative theatre production of Home.

Once we arrived at Hopgood Theatre we were greeted by many flowers in the front foyer. Students explored and when pressing the buttons, they had to listen very carefully. From a knock-knock to an international welcome, these bright and vibrant flowers prepared us for the colourful ride we were about to embark on.

Once in our seats we were met by two friends, Charlie and Zoe, who took us on a wondrous and ingenious adventure. Every time the door opened, we were thrown into a portal of imagination and into a new world. We heard secret thoughts, met mythical imaginative creatures and saw drawings bought to life in a truly immersive theatre experience.

Students were welcomed on stage to participate in the performance as various elements of the show burst from the stage to our seats.

It was a visually stunning and creative performance that all who ventured on truly enjoyed.

“That was SOOOO cool!” Carter

“I loved when the big eyeball balls came into the crowd and I got to bounce it to the next person.” Boston

“I liked when the big white snail came out of the door. It looked really big and bright.” Mason

“I liked to just sit down and look at all the bright colours and watch the big snail.” Benji

“I liked how Cameron and Zoe put on the really big ears.” Chloe



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