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Trampolines and gymnastics: Tri-Skills at Porties

Aug 23, 2022 | class story, school events, sport, wellbeing

A Class Story by Tayla Bayly’s Reception class

For the first four weeks of Term 3, all classes at our school have been taking part in the Tri-Skills program. The Tri-Skills program gives us the opportunity to build our gymnastics and trampolining skills, whilst also having a whole lot of fun!


Our class spent the first two sessions learning the skills to jump and land safely on the trampolines. After learning to jump and land in motorbike, each of us got a chance to do star jumps and tuck jumps on the trampolines (even the TEACHERS!).

“I liked jumping on the trampolines and star jump tuck jump was my favourite” Julian

“I liked bouncing on the trampolines” Ashton

“I love the trampolines because I like having fun” Harrison (Ms. Baumann and Ms. Smale’s 3/4s)

“I like the trampolines because we learn fun tricks” Connor (Ms. Baumann and Ms. Smale’s 3/4s)

“I loved the whole class cheering my name as I attempted tricks on the trampoline” Mrs Smale


We then spent our second two sessions becoming gymnasts, this included doing partner exercises and practicing our swinging, rolling and balancing. We used the bar to swing ourselves and using our feet, we had to throw a cube to one of our team mates. On the balancing beam, the students were able to use noodles to hold each other up and turn themselves around.

“I liked doing cartwheels and throwing the dice with my feet” Elise

“I liked jumping from the trampoline to the mat” Harlen

“I love gymnastics because you get to go on the beams and the bars. I also love doing the stretches and the splits” Ellie (Ms. Baumann and Ms. Smale’s 3/4s)

“I loved the bars in the gymnastics because its my favourite thing to do in gymnastics” Phoebe G (Ms. Baumann and Ms. Smale’s 3/4s)

“I like it because we are learning to get better at skills” Mason (Ms. Baumann and Ms. Smale’s 3/4s)

It was the receptions first time participating in Tri-Skills and we had an absolute BLAST! We are all very excited to continue building our trampolining and gymnastics skills next year.



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