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Students take on the juggling Mastery Challenge

May 17, 2022 | class story

We are learning to juggle!

A Class Story written by Riley S and Mason H

We are learning to juggle by watching an expert on a website. We start with 1 ball, then 2, and then 3. We have been practicing weekly on the grass area in front of the office 2-3 times a week.


The Process: If you’re ready to take on the Mastery Challenge you will have to fill out a form. The form asks:

  • Which celebration song you want
  • Are you going to wear casual clothes? (Yes or No)

Once you fill out the form the next available day you will perform the Mastery Challenge.

You go to the amphitheatre and perform. All the people in a class sit around the amphitheatre. Mr. Horsfall jams ‘We Will Rock You’ on his portable speaker. The person performing the Mastery Challenge walks into the arena (amphitheatre) and the classmates do the stomp-stomp-clap to ‘We Will Rock You’. 🎵🎵🎵

You might be wondering…

What the heck is the Mastery Challenge???

  • You have to juggle 3 juggling balls 30 times in a hula hoop.
  • If you step out of the hula hoop you have to lose one of your attempts and start again.
  • You have 3 attempts, if you fail it’s ok you can try again later.
  • If you complete it you get high quality juggling balls Mr. Horsfall buys.
  • You do a lap of honour around the amphitheatre with the song you choose on the form.

Honourable mentions of people who have completed it (Juggling Masters):

  1. (TYLAH) Song: Rasputin
  2. (MASON) Song: Barbie Girl
  3. (LOCKY) Song: Peppa Pig Theme

These people have spent a lot of time and effort into their Juggling practice. They take Juggling balls home and practice for HOURS.

Why Are We Doing This? Why is this important?

Because we watch people on YouTube like DudePerfect who do all these crazy things like trick shots but we only see them doing it successfully. We don’t see all of their attempts.

So learning how to juggle will teach us if you practice you will get better instead of giving up. It helps us learn new skills in life to be successful.

Thank you for reading our blog.

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