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A sporting chance at Porties

May 6, 2021 | class story

So, what are all the opportunities to play sport at Port Noarlunga Primary School?

Here is a rundown as to what is available and the structures in place for school based sports.

The Department for Education supports sport through policy development, curriculum initiatives, professional development opportunities, and a state-wide sport program – School Sport SA.

Previously known as SAPSASA for Primary Schools, School Sport SA is responsible for administering primary and secondary school sports programs throughout the state. Affiliation is open to every government and non-government school.

All schools are placed in a district of local schools (21 schools for us) which is where the first level of competition starts. Our district is Onkaparinga South and our convenor is Rebecca Copson. There are 18 metropolitan districts and 22 country districts in South Australia, which represents the 400 schools in our state.

At school during PE lessons, or recess and lunchtimes, we select a Porties Team to represent our school at the district event against our local schools. These sports include Cross Country, Swimming, and Track and Field. Students eligible must be turning 10 or older. If your child wins an event at one of these days they then represent our district Onkaparinga South at the next level usually called a Metropolitan day. If you win that event you will be offered a chance to represent the state at a national level. Two years ago, our student Chase Corbett won at the district level, then the metro level and made the state team and went to a national title in Tasmania.

The second opportunity for our students is to represent our school in a team sports and play in a knock out competition. So, we select the best netballers, soccer players and footy players and make a school team and play a day carnival with 2 or 3 other local schools. The winning school on the day moves into the next round of the knockout competition. Last year our girl’s footy team won their first round of knockout but were eliminated in round 2.

For many team sports there are district competitions which are run over 2/3 days. Students who are competent at their sport in Year 6/7 are invited to tryout after school to make the district team. Of course, they are competing against all the other Year 6/7s in our district to make the team so the standard is high. Once selected you represent Onkaparinga South at the district championship. I currently coach and select the boy’s Year 6/7 soccer team for Onkaparinga South.

Our school also has a volleyball focus. In Term 1 there is an opportunity for students in Year 6/7 to select their team and then we go to the Beach Volleyball Festival at Glenelg. In Term 4 students from Years 4-7 can go to the Beach Volleyball Festival at Glenelg. We organise a House Volleyball competition played at lunchtimes and do a 5 week volleyball programme in PE to help develop the students’ skills.

Finally, at our school there is an opportunity to play soccer on Saturday mornings against other schools. Our club is called The Porties White Pointers and it is a beginner entry level for students wanting to play soccer. It is run by parents who are the coaches and administrators. This year our Coordinator is Michael Warren.

In the past we have also had school basketball, cricket and netball teams that play outside of school time. These teams are organised by parents but the school can help with training equipment, a place to train and uniforms.

Just remember: “too much sport is never enough!”

—Mike “Woolly” Woolford

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