Port Noarlunga Primary School

Team Nicole — what’s been happening in room 17-1

Mar 17, 2021 | class story

In our classroom we have 22 students and a Koala named Milo. Each week Milo gets to go home with one of our lovely students. After the weekend, students then reflect what they did with Milo in his journal. Milo is well loved in our classroom and is always in the arms of someone.


In science we have been looking at living things in our environment. We planted sunflower seeds in room 17-1 and we are observing the stages of the sunflower life cycle.


This week we are trying to grow different types of beans in our bean houses. We used our predicting skills to predict what might happen to our beans. We looked at the different environmental factors that will allow our beans to grow. Here are some awesome pictures!

The beans need water and sunlight to grow – Dale

I think the beans will grow tall and sprout – Lilly

I don’t think our beans will grow really – Eliot

Creating Habitats for our local animals
What do you love about being in room 17-1?

I love playing in the classroom, we have a fun play area in our classroom. Right now, it is a grocery store. – Amelia

I have enjoyed planting things in our classroom. – Marlee

I like that we get to grow lots of stuff. – Matson

I like being in 17-1 because it smells nice and I like Miss Nicole. – Jaxson

I learn lots of new things. – Mason

Thank you for reading our class story!



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