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Team Ehlers and Miss Alana’s Bananas and their Random Acts of Kindness!

Mar 22, 2021 | class story

Last year for, “Random Act of Kindness Day”, we wrote cards and made gifts for students at school on Kangaroo Island. We chose this as our focus because during the early days of Term 1, we had Kangaroo Island bushfire smoke in our air and we share a body of water.

This year we joined in with the:

Thank SA Farmers and Fishers’ campaign

This campaign was promoted by Primary Industries SA and this is what we read:

From enduring the challenges of drought and recovering from devastating bushfires, to navigating an unprecedented global pandemic, our farmers continue to work tirelessly to keep producing some of the world’s best food, wine and fibre that feed and clothe our State and make us proud.

So, we looked in our own lunch boxes and found plenty to be thankful for. We also love a writing task with real-life purpose.

We took photos of our lunchboxes or did drawings. Collaborated on what was appropriate to write and then completed a letter each to either a farmer or fisher.

Here are some of our conversation starters that your family might like to chat about whilst eating your favourite farmer or fisher provided meal:

  • What do you want to thank a farmer or fisher for? Take look at your lunch box and clothes – did a farmer or fisher help provide these things (maybe an apple, milk, juice, oat, wheat, tuna, veggies)?
  • What inspirational or motivational words do you want to tell our farmers or fishers who have been through a tough time during the bushfires, drought and COVID-19?
  • If you want to be a farmer or fisher when you grow up, what type would you be? What do you want to grow or catch and why?
  • What are your favourite farm animals, fish or seafood?
  • What is your favourite food that farmers grow and fishers catch?



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