Port Noarlunga Primary School

Welcome to our shared classroom

Sep 14, 2020 | class story

For this week’s blog we will be exploring Miss Emily and Mrs Gwatking’s literacy rotations through a little video we put together.

We have learnt many new skills through our shared classroom and it has provided us with many new and wonderful opportunities. 

Here are some of the things we have to say about our new classroom:

“I like the new reading corner because it has lights” —Sebastian

“I am making some more new friends” —Isa

“It’s fun having a big classroom because we have lots of other children to play with” —Siena

“I make new friends” —Magnus

“I like where you swap around and do some maths” —Cassie

“I’ve made new friends like Marlee, Malliah and Aiesha” —Daisy

“That I get to make new friends to work with and be their partner” —Hunter

“I like the lights and that we don’t have a little space on the carpet we have a big space and we have two teachers to teach” —Reed

“We’ve got a little mini table in the middle and we’ve not got two small quiet areas, we have one big one” —Harrison

“We share everything like our classroom and our teachers” —Indi

“There lots of space and lots of kids” —Pippa

“I like the home corner” —Elyse 

“That it’s big” —Savannah

“I like maths because it’s fun and in our small groups” —Liam

We hope you like it! 

From Miss Emily and Mrs Gwatking’s classes.



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