Finding the Beat to Life

5 Jun 2020 | class story

At the start of Term 2 a music room was set up next to our gym to facilitate 2 drum kits.

by Mr. Woolford

Our school already had one drum kit and in the holidays we acquired a second kit. Through some selective moving and recycling of old equipment from the storage shed a space was made. The kits were set up, the stage blocks arranged as seats, and we were ready!

For the first two weeks it was “come and try” which saw students from all years try to find a beat. We also discovered we had some accomplished “rock” drummers. Now we have a cohort of drummers that get 10 minute sessions each week to practise, from beginner to intermediate.

With the Year 4-7 electives up and running there are also 13 students developing their rhythm in a time when the world needs a steadier beat.

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