Creative Kids

19 Jun 2020 | class story

Year 4 and 5 students in Ms Parkes and Mrs Smale’s class have been busy with their creative hats on, transforming our class into a colourful art gallery.

Students have created beautiful masterpieces that include silhouette trees, stunning sunsets, and funky designs using cool colours. Last week we started having art sessions with our schools art expert and extraordinaire Viv.

We have begun to create a huge Science tree in the corner of our book nook. This idea came from some of the students in our class. Each branch of the tree is a new science topic and the leaves are areas of that topic we have covered in class. It is fantastic to see how enthused, creative and inspired the students are when letting their creative sides shine.

Students have been using materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions when making artwork. They have developed and applied techniques and processes when making their artwork and have planned the displays of artworks to enhance their meaning for an audience.

We can not wait to show you our colourful creative classroom when restrictions have been lifted.

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