Team Ehlers Is A Hungry Bunch!

29 May 2020 | class story


Our class have a weekly Healthy Choice focus of a fruit or vegetable.

This involves:

A Monday and Friday tally of who likes/dislikes it.

➤ A ‘photo shoot’ of all the various ways the fruit/vegetable is packed by our families for school.

➤ Checking the price per single item and kilogram and do comparisons with the other fruits/vegetables we’ve tried.

➤ Learning how and where they grow.

Eating a lot of them all week!

During this term we have Tuna Tuesday to encourage team members to try tuna as a snack or lunch.

Thermos Thursday is on now for the cooler months and we have up to 20 thermoses with: soup, noodles, curry, baked beans and sausages (Mrs Ehlers), Mac-n-Cheese, spaghetti bolognaise, scrambled eggs, casserole, sausage rolls and hot dog sausages. We all feel more confident about how to have a thermos lunch and we can’t always hold off until lunch; so we eat at “Thermos O’Clock!”

Nude Food Wednesdays: We need to deal with a lot of single use packaging every day, so we try to remind Team Ehlers families to try for NUDE one day a week.

Vivonne is supporting us to create some fruit and vegetable art to share with the Resthaven Community at Noarlunga. We’re sharing our Healthy Choice favourites and asking them about theirs.

Thanks for reading our class story!

Team Ehlers 2020

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