Reception Self Portraits

18 May 2020 | class story

by Miss Gwatking’s RECEPTION class

This year we started school for the very first time—how exciting! We have been doing lots of fun activities to help us develop a strong sense of belonging in our new environment.

As part of Term 1’s Health and Art topics we created Self Portraits.

We spent some time working with mirrors, discussing concepts such as similarities and differences, facial features, and learning new anatomy words to bring depth to our vocabulary. We started the drawing process by watching some videos of other people drawing faces and creating their own self-portraits. After this, we developed our own set of steps that we would follow.

We spent a few weeks developing our portraits using lead pencil, crayons, and paint. We then identified a personal strength of ours and wrote it at the bottom of our self-portrait.After our portraits were finished we enjoyed looking at them all together and reflecting on the hard work we had done to make our finished products.

Here is what some students said about the process:

“It was really tricky to do the eyes.” —Kayla
“I liked the painting part.” —Siena
I liked choosing our own background.” —Reed
“I liked my hair in the picture.” —Amelia
“I liked learning how to draw the hair.” —Malliah
“I like looking at my portrait when I come in to class.” —Spencer

Take a look at our wonderful gallery of self portraits:

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