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Apr 9, 2020 | class story

By Mr. Letcher’s 5/6 Writing Class

One thing to be grateful for in these uncertain times is the technology that many of us use on a day to day basis. Many of these online learning tools have already been used for a while by classes at school.  

In our writing lessons we have learnt about several strategies authors use to enhance their writing. We have looked at alliteration, varying the length of sentences, similes, and other methods of making our writing more interesting for the reader. 

In March we had Friday the 13th. We took this as a prompt to write some spooky stories.  

Later we copied these first drafts onto a Google doc on the Ipads. These ‘Google docs’ can be shared with the teacher and other staff. We can then look at them at any time or place is convenient on another Ipad or computer and give students suggestions for how to build and enhance on what they have written. 

Here are some sections of what the students have come up with so far. You can see what writing strategies the students used in their stories! 


‘We will be landing in about an hour,’ she said as she quickly took off. I looked down at my watch. 11:40 PM. I leaned my head against the window and fell asleep. The sound of the rain was soothing. 

I stretched and yawned. I checked the time. 4:03 AM. It had stopped raining. It was meant to be a quick flight. Not a long flight. A flight attendant came over. He was crying. The plane was dimly lit so I couldn’t see what he was crying, but I knew for a fact it wasn’t tears. A red substance dripped from his cheeks, staining the floor. He sighed. ‘Only an hour left,’ he said. A wide, crooked smile plastered on his face. His eyes were as red as a ruby after nonstop crying, and it seemed all of the flight attendants were crying too. 

Lucy C:

I was walking home from school when I passed the old abandoned mansion. I just remembered that my cat had been missing for two weeks so I decided to go inside and have a look. I opened the door and walked in. The floorboards were creaky. When I stepped on them dust and nails popped out because they were loose. I walked down the hallway and saw a door. It was the only door besides the one that I came in from so I opened it. Inside was a cupboard. I thought about running home screaming but when I turned around to run the door was closed. I went over to it and tried to open it but it seemed to be locked. 


I was driving slowly through the forest looking furiously for the location of my grandma’s new house. It was starting to get dark and my car was getting flickered by dirt and mud, when suddenly a bright light flickered on in the distance. I drove towards it in hope my grandmother was waiting for me. But as I came closer there was no house at all. All of a sudden the light went off. Just as I was sure someone was behind me. My car roof got flattened. It got squishier and squishier with not much oxygen left. I tried to scream. Unfortunately the sunroof cracked and shards of glass studded my cheek. Then it stopped. A tall black figure brushed past my window. I got a bad feeling and tried to break free. 


There was a house full of rust. No one was in the house but me. I heard a noise but then I saw cameras that looked brand new. I think something or someone was watching me or they put them there to spook me. Then I heard the noise again. 

But it’s music I am looking for. I heard it again. I was scared and thought, “What do I do?” Then I found a computer. I could see the cameras. I looked at the living room camera and there was someone there. I jumped in fright. I was screaming then the piano was playing I was so scared. Then the kitchen had smoke. I was about to run out the house then I turned around and the person was behind me. I jumped so hard then he said, “Go home kid”. Then I screamed and ran then the person was following me. Then I went home and then I got stuck in a hole. “Help!” I screamed. The person said, “You’re going to die” and all in a flash I was trapped in the house and it was all a dream. 


One spooky Halloween night when the moon was at full I was out in my semi trailer, going across the desert to a 4WD comp. My 4WD is in the trailer of the truck. I kept driving but suddenly I heard a strange noise. After a few minutes I heard it again then a bang from the back of the trailer so I pulled over to check it out. I jumped out of the truck and ran to the back of the trailer. Someone or something busted it open. So I opened the door to my Mazda BT50 and jumped in and drove out. Then I walked over to the back of the truck with my hand light and my head light and went in. 


One night I was minding my own business. Suddenly I crashed! When I woke up from the crash I thought it was 09:00am but it was 03:00am. I got out of the car and suddenly a streetlight went on and I saw a clown! He said “Do you want a balloon?” and he disappeared as fast as lightning! I said to myself what is happening? 

I turned around and there he was. I got killed that night. 

My friends Aden, Zander and Coby came to the crash. There was a note. Zander read the note. It said, “You’re next!”

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