Building Oral Language Skills with Mr. Josh’s Class

17 Feb 2020 | class story

This term in Mr. Josh’s class, we have been working really hard on building our Oral Language skills.

Part of building these skills has been our daily guessing bag. Students bring in something from home that has one of our sounds of the week. By giving the rest of the class clues about their item, their peers are able to try and use those clues to discover or guess what might be in the guessing bag.

Students work on their building confidence in public speaking, projecting their voice, building vocabulary by finding different ways to name or explain things as well as the difference between comments and questions.

What Am I?
Another way that we have been starting to work on our Oral Language skills is by playing the game ‘What Am I?’. Much like Celebrity Heads, students are given a card with an animal, person or object on it that they are not able to see. They then need to ask questions about their card to try and determine who or what they might be.

As we continue to build on our questioning and oral language skills, students will have a broad knowledge of vocabulary and questioning skills that we will be able to translate into other forms of sharing and public speaking. It has been such a blast!

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