Sustainability Focus at Port Noarlunga Primary

Nov 12, 2019 | class story, school info


Over the past two terms I have been able to work with classes on how we can change what we do to become more sustainable.

One of the first things we did was to sort a pile of rubbish into recycling, soft plastics, 10 cent recycling and organics. What was left was only a small bit of landfill! In this case some fabric and glad wrap.

When we looked at a pile of rubbish that actually came from a school bin, we discovered that most of it was soft plastics – e.g. Chip packets and similar wrappers. Together we thought about how we could do things differently so that we did not produce so much plastic waste.

Students came up with the ideas written in the photo, such as; taking chips from a bigger packet and using a reusable container. They also thought about the importance of recycling the rubbish we did produce properly, including taking our soft plastics to Woolies or Coles.

Students have also shared ideas from home that they have in their lunchboxes to help reduce waste. This includes putting yogurt into reusable containers instead of small plastic pouches, lunchboxes with compartments so that glad wrap is not needed, plus many more!

Earlier this year we were successful in obtaining a grant from the Southern Regional Waste Resource Authority to buy some compost bins. Many classes are being more sustainable with their food waste by putting it in the compost bins or into containers to be fed to the chickens. We have even been able to use compost from the school for the newly planted “coastal habitat” by the sandpit! 

What a great way to reduce our school’s waste and close the loop!

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