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Class Excursion to Adelaide Central Markets

Nov 18, 2019 | class story

By Miss Bracken’s 3/4 Class

On Thursday the 31st of October, Room 14-1 went on an excursion to the Adelaide Central Markets. This excursion linked in with our learning in Maths (money) and Health (healthy eating).

Students worked in small groups and had a budget of $10 to purchase different types of fruit and complete a Market Trail. Some students had never been to the Markets before, so it was an experience that overwhelmed the senses. There was definitely a great sense of excitement as groups moved around, exploring the markets and finding the answers to the Market Trail questions. Some groups also visited China Town. Students purchased a large variety of fruit including, Asian pear, dragon fruit, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, kumquats, blueberries, and the list goes on! Some students even worked up the courage to ask some stalls for free tastings. (I think the most visited store had to be the lolly shop!) We were also lucky enough to have lunch at the markets, provided by one of the cafes.

Upon our return to school the students cooled down with Zooper Doopers (Thanks Rachel)! Afterwards they went straight into forming their own shops within the classroom, creating price lists, menus and even job advertisements. As a teacher, this would have been my favourite part of the day. Students naturally inspired by the learning they had just experienced! It was evident in their signs and discussions that a lot of what they had experienced at the Markets was being reflected in their play-based learning.

The next day, at fruit time the classroom was filled with the most amazing aroma of fresh fruit. The students all tasted new fruits and enjoyed sharing stories with their classmates. It was the best fruit time we have had all year!

The students from room 14-1 represented the school beautifully and showed wonderful manners and respect to all stall holders, our parent volunteers and our bus driver.

We have a busy term ahead. We have just participated in the school’s Adopt a Spot clean-up program and coming up we are joining with our Buddy Class to sing at the opening of the Kmart Wishing Tree, at Colonnades as well as returning to Infinite Aged Care, Christies Beach, to sing to the residents and celebrate Christmas with them.

I am proud of the team that the class has become, their developing connection with their local community and their willingness to push themselves out of their comfort zone to try new things!

The Markets had good food. – Jordy
I enjoyed eating salami sticks and drinking a milkshake. – William
I liked the lolly shop because I got to get lollies. – Melody
I liked that we got to go to new places, discover stuff that we didn’t know before and looking at weird and interesting fruits. – Scarlett
The markets had nice food and the fruit salad was really yum, especially the coconut! – Molly
I really liked how we got to try new food! – Shania
I liked discovering new fruits. – Dom
I liked trying the new foods. – Ashton
I liked it when we went through China Town. – Marley
I liked spending time with my friends and my mum. – Max
I really enjoyed going through the markets with my mate, Wade and his mum. – Nathan
The fruit salad was a great ideas as we got to try new fruits. – Tasmyn

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