Port Noarlunga Primary School

Planting a coastal habitat

Sep 19, 2019 | class story, school info

By Mr. Letcher — History Teacher

As part of our Geography lessons, Miss Alana and Miss Courtney’s classes have been learning about what creatures need in their habitats. We have created a coastal habitat using plants that would naturally occur in the Port Noarlunga coastal area.

We were fortunate that Jake was able to give us a hand and each student was able to plant a plant of their own. We were even able to use some compost from the school to help give the plants a kick-start. Plants provide food for caterpillars, birds and lizards and some were also used by Indigenous people.

(Please remember to try to keep your children out of this area outside of school times to give the plants a chance to establish themselves!)

We are looking forward to seeing how this area will grow in the future and see the animals that will be able to visit it as part of their habitat!



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