How technology is helping our science in year 3/4

19 Sep 2019 | class story

By Mrs. Thompson & Miss Mercer’s 3/4 Class

This term for science in Mrs. Thompson and Miss Mercer’s year 3/4 class we are focusing on life and earth. One thing we have been incorporating into our science lessons is technology. We have been using iPads to watch informational videos, scanning QR codes in the STEM science books to complete activities and answer questions and improving our researching skills, by researching certain topics within life and earth science.

From this, students are doing a great job of taking control of their own learning. Flexible seating has also been extremely beneficial this term. It allows students the space and seating to be able to work in small groups or pairs, which is something we do regularly during science.

“I enjoy researching new things.”Ivy

“It makes it more fun, I like watching the videos.”Mia

“It makes finding out the answers faster and more fun.”Riley

“I like watching the videos to find out information and scanning the QR codes.”Cooper

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