Port Noarlunga Primary School

Flexible Seating Bolsters Classroom Learning

Aug 5, 2019 | class story

After observing flexible seating working successfully, Ms Thompson’s Year 3/4 class decided to give it a try.

Written by Ms Thompson’s 3-4 Class.

Throughout the year, we have slowly been making changes with seating options, so the concept of choosing a successful learning spot was not new to us. We began with using scoop chairs and cushions and were able to change to different learning spaces for some subjects. This gave us an opportunity to explore different work spaces that support our learning.

At the end of last term, we removed 6 traditional student desks and some chairs. On the first day of this term, students were so excited when they peered into the classroom window and saw the changes. Our alternative working spaces now include high, low, and informal seating options, as well as a small couch, and our traditional classroom tables.

We feel like we have more control over our classroom and the flexible seating allows us to choose where we work and who we work with. We can also move if a spot isn’t working for us.

The different seating options allow us to wobble, rock, lean, kneel, or stand, which keeps us moving and helps us remain alert and on task.

“I like how they’re so comfortable and I like how everyone can sit on whatever object they want.” Mason

“I felt excited when I saw the couch and the beanbag.” Sophie

“There are a lot of comfortable places to sit.” Kimora



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