Port Noarlunga Primary School


During the current Covid-19 Health Crisis, updates sent to PNPS families via social media will be collated here for quick, easy access.

If you need to contact the school please call 8382 2455 or email dl.0362.admin@schools.sa.edu.au

Department for Health official updates:


  • Monday 30 March

    Home Learning Packages (PDF) made available to families.
    Communicated via Class Dojo, Facebook, and this blog.

    ➤ All playgrounds to be closed by Tuesday.

  • Friday 27 March

    ➤ Families to indicate how they intend to approach future learning.

    Letter to Families – 27 March 2020 (PDF)
    RE: Changes to Learning Programs
    Families asked to respond on Class Dojo about future learning

  • Thursday 26 March

    Letter to families from the Minister for Education announces Pupil Free Days for Mon-Thursday, Week 11.
    Urgent school survey for families via IT Department

    Term 1, Week 11 2020 is now a Pupil Free Week.
    OSHC services are still available.

    The Pupil Free Days are:
    * Monday 6 April
    * Tuesday 7 April
    * Wednesday 8 April
    * Thursday 9 April
    Friday is Good Friday, a Public Holiday.

    [Class Dojo Communication]
    Dear all,
    I have to advise the Department for Education’s IT Department of each child’s access to an IT device and an internet connection at home. This needs to be completed as a matter of urgency.
    Please complete this survey as soon as possible:


    The survey will close at 9:00am Monday morning (30/3).
    With thanks,

  • Wednesday 25 March 2020

    Class Dojo Communication

    Dear all,
    As you are all aware schools have not been directed to close and the Department for Education continues to follow the advice provided by the Health Department. Some students are attending and some are not. This is a personal and individual decision and one that I respect and accept.
    As a strong, supportive and caring community we are bound together throughout this time of immense challenge. I ask that you remember that everyone situation is different and the decision to attend or not-attend is purely individual. It is not something that should be shamed, denigrated, questioned or even abused by others. We need to remember that we will be judged as a community by the way that we act and react in this very challenging time.
    Let’s keep the positives flowing and take this opportunity to build a stronger community for the future.
    Stay safe and take care, Marie

  • Monday 23 March 2020

    Class Dojo Communication

    Good morning,
    I understand that many of you are keeping your children at home today and I understand and respect your decision to do so.
    We will be doing our best today to mitigate risk, maintain structure and provide a calm and safe environment for our children.
    We wait for further guidance today and, in the meantime, I ask that we take no chances with the health of our people – little and big.
    We have an ethical and social responsibility to consider the impact of our actions as we all have a part to play at this time.
    Please consider the ‘big picture’ and follow the guidelines provided by SA Health. https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au
    I will keep you updated as further information comes to hand.
    Thank you all for thinking of us (and each other)…there is a remarkable community spirit here which is something to be very proud of.
    Take care, Marie

  • Friday 20 March 2020

    ➤ NAPLAN Cancelled

    Class Dojo Communication
    Thank you to the families, parents and community members who have offered to shop for staff, provided soap and wipes, and been positive and supportive. We have a wonderful school community and are successfully showing our children how to ‘human’ in times of challenge.
    Our Educators have focused on the students’ learning and wellbeing while the role of the leadership team has been to manage the ‘big picture’. This has meant that we haven’t been able to respond to every question or request as quickly as some may like but we are doing our best to keep the school environment happy, positive and safe.
    Today we were advised that the Education Ministers across the nation have decided to cancel NAPLAN 2020. I announced this over the loudspeaker and we heard cheering and celebrating across the school. It was pretty amazing to hear.
    Our students love to hug us but today we have been working on different ways to greet each other and inventing a variety of handshakes and hugs where there is no touching. It would be great if you could invent a special one with your child/ren on the weekend that they could share with us next week.
    I urge you all to stay connected and keep safe.
    Take care,

  • Tuesday 17 March

    All excursions, incursions, assemblies and parent meetings cancelled.

    Parent/Teacher Interviews over the phone

    Principal’s Update — Letter to Families (PDF within post)

  • Friday 13 March 2020

    Department for Education letter to families (PDF)

    Schools are not closing. Children at home deemed optional.