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Meet our Student Wellbeing Leader – Victoria Corbett

Mar 6, 2023 | school info, wellbeing

Student wellbeing is a passion of mine and I have been working in this role at Port Noarlunga since 2017. I have had a wellbeing element aligned with my teaching role for the last 26 years.

At Port Noarlunga Primary School, we have a strong focus on student wellbeing. We have developed a clear focus around whole school expectations to ensure a positive learning environment, positive community connections and a positive school culture, which is consistent across the school. This is outlined in our Wellbeing Agreement. As a school we aim for collaboration between staff to ensure we are dependable and wellbeing expectations are consistent across all year levels. We work together to ensure we have positive class communities with high behavioural and learning expectations which link in with the school values: Respect, Responsibility, Independence, Caring and Honesty.

Working in partnership with families/carers is vital to provide the best possible supports for each and every student. Each child is an individual with differing circumstances.

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring wellbeing is a key focus. The wellbeing support structure includes all staff, support services, external service providers and volunteers. All adults have a duty of care to ensure student’s wellbeing is the highest priority.

This term we will be expanding our wellbeing team by welcoming back Social Work Students from Flinders University who will work alongside me for Semester one. We will also welcome two Psychology Interns who will spend their nine-week placement working with small groups as well as working individually with students. I am hopeful that our new Pastoral Care worker will be able to commence working with us shortly too.

I will continue to manage Special Education by collaborating with the Department’s Support Services, liaising with external service providers and working closely with teachers and families to ensure all of our students get the best support available to assist them in their educational journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss your child’s individual needs.

Victoria Corbett
Student Wellbeing Leader

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