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Our fantastic ATSI shirt officially becomes school uniform

Feb 13, 2023 | atsi, school info, school news, wellbeing, young leaders

We are proud to announce that our amazing shirts, completely designed by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, are now available for purchase!

The shirts are acceptable school uniform along with our navy polo and other items. See our uniform page or order now on the QKR app.

With a new t-shirt design and new sporty fabric suitable for summer months, it is still the same amazing artwork as designed in 2019!

You may have seen them around the yard but not be completely aware of the story. Read below for the story that explains how these amazing shirts came about and why they are so important to our school community.

Posted to the PNPS Website August 27th, 2020:

Spectacular shirt designed by students

In 2019, a group of students who attended cultural group came up with the idea to design a T-shirt that would have artwork on it created by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Participants went through the Design Thinking Process and began by brainstorming what they felt was important to have on the T-shirts. They spoke about the purpose for the T-shirt and when and where it could be worn.

The students discussed the idea with Marie to see if it was possible to produce a school top that could be worn at school signifying their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Marie was very supportive of the idea and knew there were a lot of steps to work through before they could achieve their final result.

Very excited to begin, the students started designing prototypes. They worked in small groups with our (now-former) CPSW, Viv Amoy, to design and paint individual pieces of art work which would be a part of the final design.

Viv and Jake Burgoyne (our previous ACEO), worked collaboratively to merge ideas from the students’ brainstorming session to develop an overall design for the T-shirt and presented this to the students. Everyone loved the design, so they met with Marie to show her the final product. She also loved the art work, but informed the students that they would need to get approval from Governing Council if they wanted to have the tops as part of the school uniform.

Some students presented the final sample to the parents and staff on Governing Council to seek permission to move on to the next stage. Governing Council agreed and this allowed the go ahead to have the design printed on to tops that could be worn as part of the school uniform.

In 2020, the tops arrived and we have been wearing them proudly around the school, receiving many positive comments. We said a big thank you to Viv at assembly, as she spent many, many hours perfecting the design ready for printing. This has been such a big project and all students involved in the process are very proud of this achievement.

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