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Principal’s Update – Week 2, Term 4, 2022

Oct 25, 2022 | covid, governing council, principal's update, school info, school news

Good News Story

Last term a group of students from Desma McMillan’s class took it upon themselves to maintain and enhance the school grounds. They have been working in the yard at every opportunity but mostly at Recess and Lunch times.

They started in the Bush Tucker garden by weeding, trimming and creating a path. This led to cleaning debris and leaves from around benches. Yesterday, the team were moving mulch and planting natives in an area near the flag poles. They had been frustrated by some younger children digging up the pipes in that area and decided to beautify it as a solution.

The students from Desma’s class also manage the sandpit. They put the toys out and then put them away each day. They audit the equipment and discard of broken and damaged pieces. This remarkable group of committed and responsible students are consistently demonstrating the school values and I am extremely proud of their ongoing efforts.

Principal’s Update

Welcome to Term 4…it may be shorter but it is a jam-packed term! It’s timely that I give you all some updates to start the term off.

Staffing Update

Kim Gwatking has returned for 3 days a week this term. She will be providing support for the Starting School Program, 2023 Receptions, and providing intervention for Reception and Year 1 students in Phonics, Spelling and Reading.

Allana Wait is teaching Junior Primary Health and HASS (History/Geography) this term, as James who was with us in Term 3 has moved on. Allana will continue to teach the Year 4/5 class on Fridays.

Annie Neilson has resigned after an extended absence. We recognise her contribution to the school and wish her every happiness and success in her future pursuits.

Paul Whibley (Wibo) has taken leave to pursue another employment opportunity and we have hired Nathan King for one day per week. We are currently on the lookout for another groundskeeper who can take on the contract until the end of Term 2, 2023.

We had 5 of our contract teachers converted to permanency in Term 3. We congratulate Alana McMullan, Emily Tessari, Shannon Clarke, Rachel Gregory and Chantelle Parkes on their conversions.

Communication Update

I am constantly looking to improve our communication and am very aware that some families are finding Class Dojo problematic. We are hoping to transition to the Departments’ Education Management System (EMS) in 2023 which will support us in streamlining and improving our communication with families.

The school website is an important information source and I recommend visiting it each week to check the calendar and blog posts. The website address is https://www.portnoarps.sa.edu.au/

It is also important to note that accessing information through a mobile phone only is not as effective as using a laptop or other device. We will be implementing structures to develop consistency in posting and information provision across the school in 2023 to assist in developing stronger communication between school and home.

COVID Update

You would be aware that there are no COVID restrictions in place at present. However, if infected it is important to stay home while you have symptoms and to notify the school of positive cases.

It is important to remember that there are students, families and staff members who have significant health and immunity challenges that can be greatly impacted by illness. Please remember to consider the impact of your choices when unwell.

Other Information

Our next Governing Council meeting is on the 25th October 2022.

There is a pupil free day this term on Monday October the 31st (Week 3). OSHC will be open. The staff will be participating in learning around Stronger Smarter Leadership, archiving and planning for Term 3.

There is a school closure day this term on Friday November 11th (Week 4) on Remembrance Day. Each school has one school closure day a year on a day of local significance. A number of schools have a ‘Show Day’ when it is Royal Show time. We always have ours around Remembrance Day. OSHC will be open on this day.

There are a number of training days that staff will be attending throughout Term 4. These are days as determined by the Department for Education or our River Hub Partnership. Each of these training opportunities are to build the skills and understanding of teachers which in turn will improve the learning for our students.

After a delay, our School Photos are being printed and are scheduled to arrive in Week 4.

Beach Carnival is scheduled for Friday December 2nd (Week 7) and we have all of our fingers and toes crossed for lovely weather and no pandemic outbreaks this year.

Thanks for all you do to support the students and staff to make a difference.

Take care,

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