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Principal’s Update – Week 10, Term 2, 2022

Jul 7, 2022 | principal's update, school info

Year 3/4 Science with Ms. Parkes class (10-2)

Good News Story

In case you missed it, this term we had

  • 10% of our students and 34% of our staff test positive for COVID-19
  • 23 times when we were unable to get a relief teacher to cover teacher absences
  • 8 days of NAPLAN testing
  • 7 sporting events where we were proudly represented by our older students
  • 70% of our Year 2 students achieving at a high level when writing narrative texts
  • 100% of our school days giving us all something to smile about

Principal’s Update

Welcome to the last blog of Term 2.

There are 2 staff that are moving from the school this week.

As you would have seen on Class Dojo, Vivonne Amoy, our Christian Pastoral Care Worker and SSO has a new job and will be leaving here after 13 wonderful years. She has been a remarkable supporter of students, families and staff and will be greatly missed. Our school will certainly not be as colourful without her. We wish her every success and happiness in her new venture.

Trevor Letcher (HASS/JP Health/Year 4/5 teacher) is taking leave for the rest of 2022. His role in Terms 3 and 4 will be taken on by Allana Wait who has been a relief teacher here this year. We wish Trevor a fulfilling period on leave and welcome Allana to the team.

We have had a number of staff changes this year which can be disruptive and somewhat unsettling. Unfortunately, these changes are inevitable in a school this size. There have been some changes in the processes for employing staff and we will have an opportunity to convert some of our contracts to permanent this year. I need to wait on another part of the process to occur first but the opportunity to lock in key staff for the future is wonderful. We will be able to continue our learning growth with staffing stability. This is an exciting prospect.

On Thursday 7th July, we are hosting a group of Early Career Teachers from nearby schools for a day of learning. They will be observing five of our teachers in class and then participating in sessions to discuss and reflect on what they have observed. I am proud to be able to host the day as I believe that we have numerous examples of positive teaching and learning here at Port Noarlunga Primary School.

I would like to end the term with a massive thankyou to all involved in our school – students, staff, families and community. We have had times where things haven’t gone to plan or we have been one or even 2 teachers short but every time we have been supported. There has been an understanding of the complexities and trust shown that we can manage regardless of what has come our way.

Our students are resilient, kind, empathetic, creative, intuitive, smart and strong. They are a reflection of the positive and supportive influences around them.

I hope that you all have a safe and relaxing school holiday period.

See you on Monday 25th July.

Take care,

SLIDESHOW: Celebrating International Mud Day with a Mud Kitchen!!

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