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Student Wellbeing at Port Noarlunga Primary

Mar 10, 2022 | school info, school news

At Port Noarlunga Primary School, we have a strong focus on student wellbeing.

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From our Student Wellbeing Leader

Victoria Corbett

Since taking on the wellbeing role in 2017, I have been developing a clear focus around whole school expectations to ensure a positive learning environment, positive community connections and a positive school culture, which is consistent across the school. 

As a school we aim for collaboration between staff to ensure we are dependable and wellbeing expectations are consistent across all year levels.

We work together to ensure we have positive class communities with high behavioural and learning expectations which link in with the school values:  “Respect, Responsibility, Independence, Caring and Honesty”.

Working in partnership with families/carers is vital to provide the best possible supports for each and every student. Each child is an individual with differing circumstances.

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring wellbeing is a key focus. The wellbeing support structure includes all staff, support services, external service providers and volunteers. All adults have a duty of care to ensure student’s wellbeing is the highest priority.

Key staff within the school who support student wellbeing are as follows:

Victoria Corbett
Student Wellbeing Leader

Dana Lauck
Behaviour Practitioner Coordinator

Vivonne Amoy
Pastrol Care Worker

Josh MacWilliams
Aboriginal Education Teacher / Pedagogy and Practice Coordinator

Anji Solomann
Aboriginal Community Education Officer

Student Wellbeing Action Team (SWAT)
Representatives from staff across the school

This year, I will also be managing Special Education by collaborating with the Department’s Support Services, liaising with external service providers and working closely with teachers and families to ensure all of our students get the best support available to assist them in their educational journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss your child’s individual needs.

From Our Behavior Practitioner

Dana Lauck

It is an exciting time as we embark on the journey of supporting our students and families with psychological services. At Port Noarlunga Primary School wellbeing is at the forefront of our learning community. In response to our holistic approach to wellbeing and mental health we are committed to working with families so that the journey through school for each child is focused on positive development and resilience.

Our psychological services offer treatments, therapies and assessments for children experiencing behavioural, social, and emotional challenges. Our goal is to maximise each student’s emotional wellbeing, social development, and interpersonal skills. Among the services we provide are individual and group counselling, psychological treatments, and assessments. We utilise strategies that promote emotional and behavioural adjustments and our student’s sense of wellbeing.

A little bit about myself. Last year, you may have met me when I worked with Mr Josh in a Reception class. I have worked in a school setting in the classroom and leadership for 20 years. In 2021, I completed a psychology degree, and I am undertaking a provisional psychology internship this year. I am qualified, skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of psychological services. When I am not at work, I enjoy the beach, gardening, and spending time with my children.

We look forward to working together to support your child to flourish.

From our Aboriginal Education Teacher / Pedagogy and Practice Coordinator

Joshua MacWilliams

As the newest member of the Leadership team for 2022, I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by the great leaders we have at Port Noarlunga Primary School with such a wealth of experience to draw on. I am also grateful for the last four years to have been part of such an amazing teaching team at PNPS and know that while no longer being in the classroom, I still have to opportunity to be a small part in what is a much larger and unbelievable educational team.

2022 has started differently than many of us may have first thought. This is also true for what I thought this role might look like and what would be possible in the Pedagogy and Practice Coordinator. Making a swift pivot out of the classroom completely and then into the Aboriginal Education Teacher role and Student Voice Facilitator has been exciting. I love teaching and will be sad not to be in the classroom with students every day, however am encouraged by the opportunities we have to broaden our understanding in the areas of Visible Learning and Formative Assessment to deepen students understanding of their learning.

This encompasses a range elements for both teachers and students which will include make learning intentions clear for students to understand why we are completing tasks in class. We continue to work on outlining success criteria that ensure students have a clear understanding of what they need to do to be successful in any given lesson. Although we have always given feedback in a range of ways, we are beginning to explore feedback that is both student driven and also opportunities for how we can give the most constructive and impactful feedback that progresses student learning while also spotlighting the students goals that are being achieved. There is a lot to discover and unpack in this space and I am so excited to support both teachers and students in doing this successfully throughout the year.

Working alongside Anji (ACEO) in the AET role is another exciting opportunity that I look forward to. Shona Thompson has done some fantastic work in her role as AET over the last few years and it is my hope to continue the amazing work she started. Term 1 will be about building relationships and understanding with ATSI students and the role as a whole. From Term two we will start cultural group and continue to support students in discovering and celebrating their cultural identity at PNPS. A big part of this role will also be around supporting teachers to find cross curricular opportunities to teach students across the site about Aboriginal history and cultures and the importance of Australia’s rich Indigenous history. I will continue to update you as the year progresses about each element of the role this year but thank you for all your support to this point and I look forward to communicating with and working with students and families throughout the year to support all students to achieve their personal best.

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