Port Noarlunga Primary School

Principal’s Update – End of Term 3, 2020

Sep 25, 2020 | principal's update

Dear all,

I am writing to you at the end of a busy Term 3 to share some of the positives that we have seen and experienced.

Term 3 saw seven of our classes apply for the inaugural Principal’s Greening PNPS Grants. They wrote detailed grant applications and some of them have already started working on their projects. The Grow Cart was shared on Class Dojo this week and will become a wonderful addition to our school. This is a fine example of the direction we are heading in to build sustainability, empathy and a strong school community. Thank you to all of the teachers, students and families who have engaged with the Grant process.

We have been able to engage in excursions and school sport this term. Our SAPSASA teams were some of the most enthusiastic I’ve seen and our girls’ football team made it through to the second round. Most of the players were inexperienced but they embraced the game and the challenges head on. These experiences showed the willingness of our students to come together and work as a team regardless of friendships, ages or any other perceived social barriers.

Porties got Talent was another opportunity for our children to shine. The students all showed varying talents and interests but it was their courage that I found most impressive. The bravery that it takes to stand up in front of over 400 people and perform is incredible and I would love a little of that for myself. The resilience to perform and then not win is even more impressive and our students were all humble and caring to their fellow performers.

Children don’t develop these qualities by themselves. They watch the world and take lessons from those in their sphere of influence. Initially this comes from parents and family members, and then as our children grow this sphere broadens to include friends, community members and those of us at school. So, thank you, for sharing your children with us and letting us influence their existing positive qualities and attributes that you have instilled in them.

What a lucky thing to be surrounded by our students and inspired by them each day.

Have a safe and enjoyable break,

Take care,



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