Port Noarlunga Primary School

Principal’s Update – Term 2, Week 1, 2020

May 1, 2020 | principal's update

While we are all busy making a new ‘normal’ for ourselves, school has continued for many of us in much the same way as before. Granted, the students have cleaner hands than they have ever had, but the learning continues regardless of location.

The impact of COVID-19 on our children is yet to be fully seen and we continue to make their wellbeing an important focus of our time together. There does seem to be a calmer feeling around the school and behaviour incidences are much lower than usual. There is a stronger bond across the school which is one of the positives to come from this situation.

Empathy can be challenging to instil but this time provides us with the perfect springboard to increase empathy across our school, community and broader. We have all experienced the isolation, shut downs, changes in circumstances to some degree, and we can relate to each other’s feelings, concerns and challenges thus building empathy and deeper connections.

We do miss our students who are not yet back at school but we respect their choice to stay home. It was never going to be an easy decision and I commend those who were able to do so without prejudice or pressure. As parents, our children and their health is of upmost importance, and our decisions need to be made with that in mind.

So, whether your child is at school or at home, congratulations on making it this far. Parenting is a tough gig but made even more challenging in recent times.

You are doing the best you can…and that is enough.

Thank you,




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