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Principal’s Update – Social Distancing Letter to Parents

May 21, 2020 | principal's update

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Yesterday evening (20th May) we held our Governing Council meeting.

One of our members shared concerns raised by some families regarding the restrictions on staying on grounds after school and / or playing on the playground.

The social distancing restrictions in place were not devised by myself or the school staff.

Restrictions and protocols are provided to us by the Department for Education Chief Executive. He is guided by SA Health and under the control of the State Government.

In a communique sent by the Department for Education on Wednesday 20th May sites were reminded of the restrictions. “Parents should maintain the 1.5m physical distance between themselves and other adults (parents and teachers) at all times, including school drop off and pick up.” (COVID-19 Update for school based staff, 20th May 2020).

The social distancing protocols at Port Noarlunga Primary School include before, during and after school. We limit the people that we allow onto school grounds as only essential services are permitted at this time. The 1.5m physical distance includes adults entering classrooms and we ask that until restrictions are lifted across the state that adults remain outside classrooms at drop off and pick up times. There have been one or two instances where we have needed parent assistance to settle an upset child and have been flexible at these times.

There are other schools that continue to stop parents and caregivers entering the school grounds at any time and others that continue to have their playgrounds roped off to students and community. I have chosen to take a more personable and family-friendly approach at our school.

In consultation with our Governing Council, I have decided to put the following measures in place to ensure that social distancing restrictions are upheld at Port Noarlunga Primary School:

  1. A second siren will ring at 3:25pm each day to signal that grounds should be cleared of adults and children

  2. Signage will be placed at the main entrances to the school reminding adults to maintain social distancing

  3. Regular reminders will be shared via ClassDojo

I know that this is a frustrating time for us all and school seems to be the place of ‘normality’. We have strived to make our school feel that way for our students but we must not break rules and protocols that are consistent across the state.

I am grateful for your support in maintaining a safe environment.

Kind Regards,

Marie Wright

A PDF copy of this letter can be downloaded here:

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