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30 Mar 2020 | principal's update, school info

Dear all,

We have completed our PNPS Home Learning Package.

This is more than you will need to get through this week, next week and longer if needed.
We will be putting together our online learning plan next week on the 4 Pupil Free Days with the goal of rolling that out in Term 2.

The PNPS Home Learning Package can be downloaded and printed at home, collected from school or, if needed, mailed home. We will also be providing a scrapbook and lined book to each child to record their learning.

Please remember that you are not expected to provide a full learning experience for your child. Only a small number of our families are trained educators and it is unfair to expect you to do what we do. I would not be able to step into your profession and do it without significant training.

We are all living in a challenging and stressful time and expecting you and your child/ren to spend 6 hours learning each day is unreasonable. By all means set up a learning routine and do your best but do not beat yourself up if you can’t get it done.

Staff are contactable via Class Dojo and can answer any questions you have about learning.

We will continue to keep you updated via Class Dojo, Facebook and here at the school blog.

Stay safe and take care,

Marie Wright

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