Wonderful Warrawong Sanctuary Visit

Feb 7, 2020 | fundraising, school info

With harrowing bushfires taking place during the Christmas break, some truly inspiring Port Noarlunga Primary students spent their school holidays fundraising money for relief.

That money was donated to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary in Mayor.

On Wednesday, 5th February, our school had the privilege of being able to meet some of the animals that get to call Warrawong home. Not only did students get to see some truly beautiful (and cheeky) wildlife, the friendly keeper also had a lot of information to share.

Students learnt a strategy called “Stop, walk and talk,” when dealing with snakes. How we should stop moving, move slowly away and always tell an adult where the snake was.

We learnt that Aboriginal people used to bury people up to their necks who were bitten by snakes for three days to ensure that the venom didn’t move around their bodies. However, this doesn’t happen any more as we now have modern medicines. Phew!

We now know—which we all had a big giggle at—that ring tail possums eat their own poo!!

Thank you to staff at the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary for taking the time to visit Port Noarlunga Primary School and provide our students a wonderfully memorable experience.

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