Meet Kristie Fudge

12 Feb 2020 | school info

Hi! My name is Kristie Fudge

… and I am currently based here at Port Noarlunga Primary School, working as a Music Education Network Field Officer as a part of the Department for Education’s Music Education Strategy. 

What does this mean?

In 2018 the Department launched a 10 year Music Education Strategy, which aims to improve the access and quality of music education in schools.

Basically, in my role, I am working with schools in the southern area to provide support and mentoring to increase the confidence and capabilities of classroom teachers in providing quality music education.

Some PNPS teachers have already invited me into their classrooms to work with them and their students in music. I’ve enjoyed working with 6 or 7 classes so far, as well as joining in with Senior Choir rehearsals.

A bit about me…

I have worked as a classroom teacher and Performing Arts teacher for the past 19 years, and for the past 9 years I’ve worked as a Performing Arts Teacher at Woodcroft Primary School. In my spare time, I like to sing, play piano and drums, and read. If you see me around out and about in the yard, please feel free to say hi!

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