Port Noarlunga Primary School

Change of Seasons Change of Sports

Sep 8, 2019 | school info, sport

With winter slowly ebbing away our winter sports are turning to the excitement of finals and the finishing of seasons. Which means getting ready for our summer sports is around the corner!

Not only do students get fitter and better at a sport, joining a sporting club will also assist in:

  • improved sleep
  • mental health benefits, such as greater confidence
  • improved social skills
  • improved personal skills, including cooperation and leadership.

There are many local sports available over summer which your children could be a part of. In no particular order: athletics, cricket, netball, surf life saving, tennis, baseball, softball, horse riding, and surfing are all awesome summer time sporting opportunities.

Many of the indoor sports and pastimes continue as well and are stating new seasons. These include: indoor soccer, netball, basketball, table tennis, gymnastics, dance, trampolining, swimming and badminton.

The more our kids move the healthier they are, so connect with a local community sporting club this summer.

Remember, too much sport is never enough!



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