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Students enjoy trampolining and gymnastics in TriSkills learning

Aug 11, 2019 | school events, school info, sport

Students at Port Noarlunga Primary School have been engaging in TriSkills activities this term.

Written by students Abigail and Indi. Photos by student Mitchell.

TriSkills is really fun because we get to do a variety of different activities like gymnastics and trampolining. In gymnastics, students get to perform handstands, balancing, mini trampolines, and swinging on bars. When they did trampolining they got to do spinning, moving into shapes, rotations, etc.
Everyone loved doing TriSkills!

It’s a great opportunity to have instructors Kim and Megan coach us. The instructors made it very fun for everyone. We’ve learnt lots of things already! Trampolining involves performing shapes and rotations. In gymnastics, students have been doing balance, rotations, shapes, and landings.

“It’s really fun doing all the activities while learning as well”Katie (Miss Eldridge’s class)

“The trampolines are really fun!”Nathan (Miss Eldridge’s class)

“I love going on all the gymnastics equipment”Harry (Miss Ehlers’ class)

“Doing the handstands was my favourite part”Kayla (Miss Ehlers’ class)

What do you enjoy most about teaching the kids?

“I love watching them using all the different equipment and I get very entertained” -Megan (TriSkills instructor) 

“The trampolines are really fun!” -Nathan (Miss Eldridge’s class)

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