Port Noarlunga Primary School

Jon Madin Music Workshop wows students

Jul 4, 2019 | school events

On Monday last week, Mr Wakefield’s, Mrs Eldridge’s, Miss Emily’s, Ms Gregory’s, and Ms Sander’s classes participated in music workshops with inventor/musician Jon Madin.

In the 50 minute workshop, students were introduced to and played songs on instruments that Jon Madin had designed including marimbas, musical bikes, and echo cellos. Popular instruments were the “Dingboxes”, which contained aluminium pipe, cowbells, tambourines, and Indian taxi horns, which were played by jumping on them. The “Fartie Foot Pumper” which could be described as a rubber glove bassoon also proved popular.

At the conclusion of the workshops, students showcased their playing of the wacky instruments in a performance for the whole school.

“The day was very well received by everyone involved. We have even had requests to bring Jon Madin back again in the future.”
Miss Susie Scott, Performing Arts Teacher.

“It was very fun, our favourite instrument was the Ding Boxes because it was like dancing.” Kayla, Ms Eldridge’s class.

“I really liked playing the drums, it was quite interesting and I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. Performing was really fun.” Riley, Mr Wakefield’s class.

“I think they did really good, and (they) worked really hard on it. My favourite song was We Will Rock You.” Cobie, Miss Orrin’s class.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for the students who participated and attended today. The performance at the end of the day was fabulous. I could see on the participating students’ faces their joy and those that were watching were super excited and engaged.” Desma McMillan, Year 3/4 Teacher.



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