Please see the link below for the Strategic Learning Plan which is developed in line with DECD priorities.

Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriclum is now fully implemented. Written reports with gradings against each of the eight curriculum areas are sent home twice a year.

In line with our Site Learning Plan intervention programmes are run across the school to support students' literacy.

Click here to view the Strategic Learning Plan

Learning Overviews

Please click on the links below to view the Term 3 Learning Overviews for each classroom teacher and specialist programme.

Reception - Kim Gwatking
Reception - Bianca Newbery
Rec/Year 1 - Joshua MacWilliams
Year 1 - Justin Ratcliff
Year 1/2 - Anne Marie Ehlers
Year 1/2 - Sarah Cross
Year 2 - Danni Baumann
Year 2 - Rita Haddad
Year 2/3 - Courtney Orrin
Year 2/3 - Nicole True
Year 3/4 - Desma McMillan
Year 3/4 - Shona Thompson
Year 3/4 - Trevor Letcher
Year 4/5 - Jennie Gotley
Year 4/5 - Kris Sander
Year 5/6 - Rachel Gregory
Year 5/6 - Brett Horsfall
Year 6/7 - Jo Eldridge
Year 6/7 - Jeff Wakefield
French - Karen Thorburn
Health - Shannon Clarke
History - Diana Fullerton
Performing Arts - Susie Scott
Physical Education - Mike Woolford

Information on special curriculum programmes can be found on the Programmes page.



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